Last month attended the Women's Travel Fest and sat in on a great panel on female solo travel safety. You see it wasn't an intimidating, scare-you-off-travel type of panel. It was completely empowering.

It was full of real situations, tips to handle them and things to remember if you do accidentally find yourself in a situation. Their stories, albeit somewhat angering, inspired me to continue traveling. I feel more prepared with safety weapons at my side, which is why I'm sharing what I learned with you.

Women helping women  

Women helping women  

30 Tips That'll Make You Feel Safer and Smarter

  1. There is no price for safety; spend it if it'll make you feel safer
  2. You don't have to stay anywhere; you can always leave a place or switch accommodations
  3. Try connecting to women who live or are visiting the area through via traveler networks
  4. Make friends where you're staying and go out in a group
  5. Have a buddy in the group and ask them before you leave if you can stick together
  6. If you're out alone you don't need to announce that you are (say your friend is at your hotel or nothing at all) 
  7. Watch your bartender make your drink and limit your intake
  8. Never go to the beach at night; it's empty and no one is around
  9. Don't walk home alone at night or in empty streets
  10. Avoid public transportation in the middle of the night
  11. Take an Uber if you need to leave a place early
  12. Avoid arriving in the middle of the night or super early when streets are empty
  13. Always have your first two nights stay booked before you arrive
  14. Read reviews of accommodations, tour guides, neighborhoods and cities
  15. Stay aware of your surroundings 
  16. Keep a low profile with little jewelry and casual clothes
  17. Be aware that pick pockets will try to distract you by spilling something, spitting on you or distracting you in some way and don't fall for it
  18. Have mase, a whistle or alarm, and door stopper
  19. Trust your women's instinct; if something feels off say something, turn around or walk away
  20. Don't be scared to be impolite; say no with conviction
  21. Don't be shy to ask strangers for help 
  22. Reach out to women and couples first
  23. Don't be afraid to be wrong or not know the language
  24. There is a lot you can communicate with your face and hands
  25. If you need a place to go, try public places like restaurants, bars or stores 
  26. If you've tried it all and are still uncomfortable make crazy noises, act weird and freak the person out
  27. Don't let authority figures blind your judgement; if it feels wrong it is
  28. Remember some people suck but most people are good; locals want you to enjoy their country and travelers are in the same position as you
  29. We are all more similar than we are different
  30. The universe has your back


Sharing is caring. Please share this safety list with friends considering traveling solo or traveling at all.

We should not stop what we love doing because some people are asses. Instead let's share this information so more women feel safer, smarter and stronger knowing both what they shouldn't do and what they can do if something does happen.